(No greater than 100 acres.) v1.3

Item Standard Information Other
Babies and Toddlers to 4 years old Shall be attended so to prevent contamination.
Children 5 to 11years old May work in field activities so long as there is adult supervison. Children shall receive the same training as adults. No identification is required of children.
Young Adult 12 to 18 years old May work in field activities without supervision. Young Adult is considered as an adult for farming purposes. No identification is required of young adults.
Footgear Persons may conduct farm activities in the field without traditional footgear. Feet will be considered the same as hands and appropriate GHP’s will apply.  Foot washing, care of nails, wounds and such will be treated the same as hands. If there is a situation where the feet require a cover, traditional food gear shall be employed.
Horses Horses may be employed in the field so long as contamination issues are addressed.  Horses shall not be quartered with other farm animals.
Traditional Dress Traditional dress may be worn in the field. This area is not graded.