The Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association (OPGMA) is an organization whose goal is to encourage and support the production of exceptional crops, improve the business intelligence of its members, and expand the consumption of Ohio-grown fruits and vegetables through improved marketing and retail operations. OPGMA provides educational and business development opportunities to any businesses associated with the production and marketing of Ohio’s fresh produce.
 Volunteers who are engaged in production and retail govern OPGMA. It is for the industry and by the industry. A member-centric organization, you can expect to feel like you’re a part of the OPGMA family when you join us as a member.

Our Mission

OPGMA is an organization of Ohio growers and marketers who have consumer and processor satisfaction, environmentally friendly practices, business success, and the provision of fulfilling career opportunities for family and employees as their primary goals. These goals are accomplished through premier innovative and educational programs, a legislative presence, and cooperation among members.

Our History

In January 2007 the memberships of the Ohio Fruit Growers Society, Ohio Vegetable and Potato Growers Association, and Direct Agricultural Marketers Association merged to form Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association. The new organization was formed to streamline the educational and promotional activities of the Ohio’s produce growers and marketers. OPGMA was designed to aid in providing educational opportunities to business owners, employees, and families associated with the production and marketing of the state’s fresh produce industry. Promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables was and still is an important goal for the association.