OPMA is certifying that a producer has demonstrated competence in accordance with its rules and guidelines to perform due diligence for the production of produce. This certification of the producer and/or products by no means whatsoever is any indication, guarantee, warranty, or otherwise is considered safe for human consumption. The following are excerpts from internal documents required by ISO, which may be of interest to OPMA members.

Conflict of Interest

OPMA will avoid any conflict of interest and has procedures in place with regard to Advisory Board members and their decisions, other boards and their members within the scope of authority under OPMA. Compliance Board decisions and those coming in contact with clients in the field such as inspectors and auditors are also held to this same high level of interest.


The Advisory Board has procedures in place to safeguard confidentiality of the information obtained in the course of its certification activities at all levels of its organization, including committees and external bodies, or individuals acting on our behalf. This non-disclosure of information extends to inspectors, technical advisors and others that come in contact with member information. Member information will not be sold or used in any fashion without the expressed permission of that member.

Appeals, Complaints and Disputes

Appeals, Complaints and Disputes brought before the certification body by members or others shall be subject to the procedures of the specific body within OPMA. To begin such a procedure, contact us for specific guidance. This information will be held in the highest of confidence.


At any time any member or non-member may make a request for information about any process within the organization. These requests must be made in writing referring to the specific information requested. These requests must be fully documented with a name, address and telephone number or other means for contacting the person making the request. Allow up to 10 business days for an answer.

Program Requirements and Procedures

  • Use of the certificates and marks of conformity may be used by members in good standing.
  • Use of the certificates and marks of conformity shall be used only with written permission of the Compliance Board.
  • Use of the certificates and marks of conformity shall be used to reflect the good name of OPMA, its members and products. It shall not be used when there is a possibility of misuse or unintended association with products, services or endorsements not in keeping with the intent of the OPMA.
  • Use of the certificates and marks of conformity shall not be used to convey any message not in keeping with the spirit of the OPMA.
  • Certificates and marks of conformity shall not be altered in any manner with regard to size, color or quality.
  • Failure to strictly adhere to these requirements shall be liable to the full force of the law, Ohio code, and the Advisory Board.
  • Other use requires written permission from OPMA.

To gain a letter of approval, please submit the request to:

Ohio Produce Marketing Agreement
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Frazeysburg, OH 43822

P: 740-828-3400

OPMA is managed by Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association, Inc.