Organic Farming is governed by the rules established by the NOP and local certifying bodies. Organic farming is a style of farming not unlike Dry Farming, Muck Farming or Hydroponic Farming by example. However, with the exception that the USDA National Organic (Certification) Program prohibits or prescribes particular activities to certify a farming operation as Organic, OPMA will not interfere with any organic standard. OPMA does not interfere with the NOP in any way and if a potential conflict occurs, the OPMA Compliance Board and the local certifying body will coordinate on the appropriate action to take in each case.

Organic or Natural Farming is not inherently food safe. The potential for contamination carries the same risk factors found in all other styles of farming. Organic Farms will be inspected using the same rules and standards that apply to all other styles of farming.

OPMA’s Major Technical Review Board (MTRB) has a designated seat for a representive of the organic community. This seat may be held by anyone from by example the USDA NOP, one of the many USDA certifying bodies, an individual organic farmer or processor with farming experience or qualified individual. The intention of the seat called a “Chair” is to survey the organic community for information and to assist with items that may be presented to the MTRB. It is not prescribed to develop or provide analysis of organic policy.