Item Standard Information Other
Weeds Weeds may be used as an erosion control technique.


Weeds may be used in fields, canals, borders and in locations where erosion is a problem retaining muck. Weeds should be controlled and not allowed to become pest harborage or other contaminate.
Fresh Items Shall be produced by the seller under a valid Food Safety Certification.


The food safety certification may be any valid certification body. None.
CGAP The seller shall follow all applicable CGAP’s prescribed in these OPMA standards.


The Farmers Market seller may compete for Tier I or II. Applicable CGAP standards may be:
1. Hand Washing Requirements
2. Clothing and Personal Hygiene Guidelines
3.  Special Clothing Requirements
4.  Consumption of Food, Beverages and Break Areas
5. Restroom Requirements
6. Pest Control
7. Trace-Back Process
8. Sanitation